We’re Amakhosi
We’re Amakhosi

Posted in General on Jun 10, 2016.

We are Amakhosi

“If it were not for our supporters we would not be where we are today” - Kaizer Motaung

With the largest supporter base in southern Africa, it is simply not possible to get through even one day without spotting a Kaizer Chiefs logo. The Amakhosi faithful wear their Gold and Black with love and pride at every opportunity they get. They embrace the brand as a lifestyle choice and the jersey and ‘peace’ hand-sign is our badge of belonging and identity of who we are.

Our supporters are genuinely committed to the Club and indeed are an integral part of one big Family of Millions!

Our supporters’ say they are ‘Amakhosi 4 Life’. It is a very deep and profound statement as it’s really a lifetime commitment, and that is exactly how they feel about the Club.

It is rumoured that Kaizer Chiefs is the nation’s ‘happy odometer’ – when the team wins, life is good and everyone is filled with a sense of joy and happiness. However, when we lose, our mood is bleak for a moment or two and we are soon back on our feet, stronger than before and ready for the next challenge.

· We live, eat, sleep, talk and dream Kaizer Chiefs – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
· We love our team.
· We even name our children after our favourite players.
· We have team pictures framed and hanging in our sitting rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, in our lockers at work and in our wallet.
· Special events such as wedding, christenings, birthday celebrations and even memorial services and funerals are planned around the game schedule.
· The players are our profile picture on Facebook and WhatsApp and we follow the Club religiously on social media platforms.
· We are Amakhosi 4 Life!

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