Posted in General on May 26, 2017.

Welcome to the Family!

The supporters club is currently on hold while the new offering is being developed. Please send your title, name, surname, cell phone number, town and province and e-mail address to so that we can add your details on our prospect database. When we are ready to launch you will be the first to know!

We are passionate about our team.
Our support is unwavering.
We stand behind the team, the coach and the management.

We are Amakhosi 4 Life!

When the supporters club is launched it will give us an authentic feeling of belonging as it proves our affiliation to Amakhosi.

As a true supporter we need to attend home games, wear only authentic gear, and have a Kaizer Chiefs Mobile SIM card and a Kaizer Chiefs insurance funeral policy.

We also need to buy our monthly copy of the Amakhosi magazine and follow the Club on all social platforms, including regularly visits to the website.

Our support makes a difference to the team – we are the 12th player on the field and a vital member of this Family.

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