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Posted in General on Jun 10, 2016.

Dare to dream!

The evolution of human kind has been driven forward by the spirit of competition. In fact the driving force behind the game of football is based on two team competing for victory. Kaizer Chiefs loves competition - it’s what makes us a winning club.

In much the same way, our supporters love entering competitions as it fuels dreams, builds hope and makes us believe in the possibilities of things. We all enter competitions with the vision of winning! If you don’t enter one of our regular competitions you will never know the pleasure of winning, the joy of knowing that you have beaten the odds and will actually experience one of the amazing prizes on offer.

Our past winner will tell you how they felt when they received the call telling them that they had won. Most winners respond in pure disbelief – sure, they dreamed about winning but reality and logic kept their expectations grounded. They will tell you about the pure euphoria of winning and just how special they were made to feel. Most even say that they will remember this for the rest of their lives.

So the question is … “Are you feeling lucky?”

An entry means you stand a chance to win! 

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