KC Gym
KC Gym

Posted in General on Jun 10, 2016.

Kaizer Chiefs' Strength Training Facility is a gym at the Kaizer Chiefs Village in Naturena. It’s a gym, a place to train, a place to work out for all the Amakhosi players and employees. It's a home to many of the players, a refuge for some and life changing for every single person who walks through those doors. The facility is a state of the art centre that is equipped with all the necessary tools for our players to be in the best shape that is required for the rigorous schedule in SA football.

As a professional football club we are as passionate about providing our players and staff with the best facility to train. Years have gone into the planning and designing of this facility. Not one detail was overlooked or hurried. The facility was built from the ground up so that every aspect of the building is perfection and meets the Kaizer Chiefs standards. Every piece of equipment, every square foot of turf and each colour on the wall was handpicked to create the best atmosphere for our players to train.

The facility consists of gym equipment, a swimming pool, sauna, ice baths and showers. A designated Kaizer Chiefs staff member with an impressive record of gym management and maintenance manages the facility.

Kaizer Chiefs are dedicated to our players and facility. We will continue to provide our players with the support and equipment they need to get better. As a club we want our players to be in this facility day in, day out. We want to see them get better, stronger and faster.


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